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Share you datas on our social network, follow the pros and their advices, improve your skills, get
instant access to all your datas, a worldwide rank and many more in our application
that you can download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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Dream big. Ride Bigger
Our team of TRAAKX designers and developers are proud to present the TRAAKX app.
The TRAAKX app can be used to share your story and build a community to help support and fund your extreme sports endeavors! Not only is TRAAKX the most advanced extreme sports tracker on the market today, but, with the addition of the new TRAAKX app, it is also the first ever community-building device dedicated to extreme sports, athletes and sportsmen.

The TRAAKX app and device work seamlessly together to build your community. Using both the tracker and the app, you can save video and data from your runs, import the information you select into the app, and share it with your fans on your profile, allowing you to be even more visible to your community!
The TRAAKX device and app allow you to follow and analyze the performances of other athletes from around the world, share your own performances, and fund your extreme sports activities.

Our TRAAKXERS are always finding new ways to develop the TRAAKX community and evolve our app and tracking systems.

Currently, our team of developers is working with Elite Sports Man to better understand each sport we list on our app and tracker to make sure TRAAKX is outfitted with the latest information.

Join us now and enjoy our complete standalone solution to improve your skill and share it with our amazing network of atlhete around the world.
Soon on Indiegogo
Give us your email, we will contact you as soon as the device Traakx will be launched on Indiegogo.
(But you can download our application very soon)

download application
Our beta testers love it!

2016 Flyboard World vice champion
2016 Flyboard European vice champion

Emma Phelps
Newbie to skilled

Maxence de La Tour
Extreme sports lover
since 15 years

no nuts no glory
You are a reference in your sport?
We are looking for ambassador to sponsorize and to join our beta testers course to always improve our algorythms.
If you are a top cracked nuts in your sport, contact us now, you will love it!
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